Our company has developed the best software for customer support and client management. So far, we have had numerous clients and companies requesting our services, and one of them has accepted our invitation to share his experience with our software. Make sure to read his entire review because it will answer some of the pressing questions.


Hello, my name is Joshua, and I would like to talk about Trust Fuel and share my experience with this software.

I am an owner of an online retail shop where I sell products for home improvement and design. Basically, if you are redecorating your house and you need some help, then my store is go-to-place. Until a couple of years, I didn’t have problems selling my product online. I should also mention that I advertise my site on social media, like Facebook and Instagram. But, no matter who hard I invested in my online marketing strategies, my profit was still the same, if not lower. That’s why I decided to ask for expert’s help, and I hired a friend who is into online marketing business. He explained how Google and social media work. Apparently, everything has changed, and they all use specialized algorithms to rate your page.


So, when I sorted my rating, implemented keywords, and SEO, I was still left with a poor conversion rate. I needed something that will make my customers buy my products. After long hours or research, I decided to try Trust Fuel because this software promised some fantastic results. This platform incorporates customer support, client management, NPS and many more. The biggest mistake I made was guessing the clients’ needs, instead of asking them straightaway. The Trust Fuel enabled me this and much more. It provided me an insight into their demands, so I was able to improve my services. To sum everything up, I was once again connected with my clients, and I even got a more significant conversion rate.

The trustfuel is an amazing software for small and big companies, and I would recommend it to anyone. It will help you tremendously and provide you an insight into your client’s demands and requests. It features a user-friendly platform which is easy to navigate, and you don’t have to be an expert to manage it. I believe this platform is the best solution for many companies and it will save you a lot of time and money.



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