As customer-centric businesses increasingly take center stage, it has become clear that companies who focus on customer success are the ones who flourish.

In mid-2016 we surveyed more than 270 professionals actively working in the customer success industry. The survey explored organizational goals, challenges, team demographics and more. This industry report contains the results of that survey.

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What will I find in this customer success report?

The first section takes a look at job titles and nomenclature. Do most in the industry call themselves customer success or client success professionals?

The second section looks at the size of customer success teams. What is the most common size for customer success teams? How many CS professionals are lone wolves?

The third part covers the biggest challenges customer success professionals face. What’s more difficult scaling processes or monitoring customer health? In 2016 do CS professionals have a difficult time getting executive buy-in?

The final section covers customer success goals. Beyond churn reduction, what do professionals see as a primary goal—growing existing accounts, increasing adoption?

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We asked customer success managers about their official titles. Of the 271 surveyed 44 percent of customer success professionals said their job title was Customer Success Manager. The second most common job title was Director of Customer Success at 17.5 percent.

Client Success vs Customer Success 2016

Given there is some variation in the field, we wanted to see what percent of job titles included “Customer Success” versus the percent of job titles that contained “Client Success.” For example Client Success Manager would go in the client success bucket, while Director of Customer Success would go in the customer success bucket.

Based on our results, 77 percent of professionals hold titles that contain Customer Success, while only 6 percent hold titles that contain Client Success. The remaining had various titles including Account Manager, Implementation Specialist, Client Advocate and our favorite — Hugger.

At least in the Customer Success vs Client Success debate. These numbers match up similar with postings that we see on our customer success job board.

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