Would you like to discover that customers are thinking about your products and services? Net Promoter Score is one of the ways you can measure their loyalty and provides you accurate data within two minutes. In most cases, the calculation is based on one single question, where you ask your clients to rate your services on scale 0-10. Later it can be followed with another question; here you can ask them to explain their score, which can give you an insight in their thoughts. We are going to tell you how to calculate nps and how to use it.

How to begin with the survey?

You may choose to start with a survey program, which is always recommended option. If you implement a surveying program, it means you are investing a lot of time and recourses before you place one single survey out there. There are two types of surveys: relationships, and transactional ones. For example, relationship surveys look to investigate a customer’s loyalty to company service or product. In this case, you may ask them to consider and rate the overall products and experience with your company.


On the other hand, transactional surveys research the experience a client has in a specific transaction or interaction with your company. In this case, they aren’t designed to measure the loyalty, but the satisfaction. We would recommend you to start with relationship survey and then switch to transactional one because they both are essential for the further development.

How to calculate?

Clients that give you a 6 or below are Detractors, a score of 7 or 8 are called Passives, and a 9 or 10 Promoters. If you want to calculate NPS, you should detract the percentage of Detractors from the rate of Promotes. It is simple, if 50% of respondents were Promoters and 10% were Detractors, in this case, your Net Promoter is 40%. The importance of Net Promoter Score is that gives you insights into your customer’s demands and requests. In this case, you may receive positive or negative feedback. By measuring their loyalty, you can identify their experience weak points that need improving. But, to perform such action, you need to know how NPS works.

How long should the NPS be?


NPS is all about uncovering the customers’ loyalty and what most affects it. But, you need to be very careful when recommending questions. They should be short, but you should also avoid the basic ones, like “how likely are you…”. You need something concrete, to be able to receive high response rate, which will provide you a bigger picture. The higher response rate you have, the better results you will have.


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