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Third-party Apps You Should Check Out

Third-party Apps You Should Check Out
Apps On Phones

Google Play store alone hosts countless applications, which implies application owners sending an application on the Play Shop have to compete with hundreds and countless competitor mobile applications released on an annual basis.

Even after that, not all Android applications are authorized upon their initial app submission.

Yet considering that Google complies with the strategy of an open app market, Android app proprietors can utilize the policy to their advantage by sending their application to the following most acceptable alternatives of Android app shops, as mentioned in the checklist below, among them CokerNutX and TopStore.


Deleting Facebook
Mobile App Facebook

Yet what most (consisting of app owners) fail to remember is that this e-commerce giant also has an Application Shop that’s just as great as Google Play Store. Launched on March 22, 2011, the Amazon application shop uses a lot of free and paid apps and special pc gaming applications with a tidy and very easy to navigate user interface.


SlideMe, a US-based Android mobile application store option, first launched in the year 2008 as a market food catering to various kinds of target market choices. As SlideMe appropriately puts it, ‘one app shop alone can’t get to every person and all over with the applications they want.’

It rapidly increased to popularity as the 2nd ideal app shop choice to the Google Play Store.

To cover it all, SlideMe has a robust area of application programmers and consultants that aid designers with code snippets, pest fixes, and so on and app proprietors with how to target, cost and market your application. Besides holding a cost-free marketplace of multiple mobile video games, web apps, and videos, 1Mobile does application search straightforward for end individuals.


Once they fulfill the safety and security criteria, they can publish their apps. And also, app owners need not stress over application promos; 1mobile has an integrated referral system that helps applications draw in a target market as soon as they hit the market. Aptoide is among those earliest Android application shop options that hold 4-star as well as 5-star rated apps.

MyApp by Tencent

Its end-user market sprawls across 236 nations with over 70,000+ applications in their SDK. The Google Play Store different takes on an obvious application promotion version, using Price per install (CPI) prices, non-incentivized individual website traffic, scams discovery formulas, limitations per application promo campaign and also per day, as well as customer targeting by raising or decreasing your CPI proposal for maximum conversion.

Facebook Favicon
Facebook Mobile App

Considering Google Play Store doesn’t operate in China, their tech companies Xiaomi and Tencent developed their own Chinese application shops. This led to the surge of a 3rd large application marketplace that satisfies the globe’s largest and fastest-growing economies. For app owners, this offers a whole new target market that’s yet untapped.
MyApp by Tencent is at the moment the biggest app store.


Baidu is China’s primary as well as the globe’s second-largest online search engine right after Google. And similar to Google, Baidu also has an application shop together with various app development tools. One such great tool consists of promoting the available applications in search engine outcomes. The firm has additionally released an English variation to attract English speaking app individuals.

The Best Camera Apps For You Iphone

The Best Camera Apps For You Iphone
Taking A Picture

If you love making photos, then camera apps are something you will find interesting. In this article, we will review a couple of them and point out some of their features. For people who want a bit of fun, we suggest Panda Helper and TweakBox Alternative.


Camera + is a consolidated camera and also an editor. Despite the riches of offered alternatives, the interface is at first reasonably marginal, with a settings strip throughout the top of the screen, a zoom slider, and the shutter.

Best Camera App
Holding Iphone And Taking Picture

Similarly, tap the viewfinder area, and Camera+ goes into a ‘professional’ mode, with hands-on controls and scene choices for capturing under details lighting problems. The user interface is finickily contrasted to Obscura 2, but Video camera+ is unquestionably significant. Post-shooting, you can edit with modification tools, filters, as well as frameworks in the Lightbox.


Oilist is a generational art app. It resembles a person trapped a little van Gogh on your iPhone. It’s like various artists are stuck in your device because Oilist has an extensive series of styles to pick from, taking in whatever from traditional oil painters through to modern-day art.

It’s tailored towards users of any level, from those who are elegantly applying quick filters to anybody that wishes to dig deep right into modifications and useful editing tools.

The series of choices is dazzling, as well as the user interface is wisely developed. You can chop, make modifications, and edit curves, all with a few swipes and taps.


Filmborn is an application for video camera obsessives for those who enjoy the movie’s pleasures but come away not impressed with applications that offer an over-saturated, overblown take on traditional photography. There’s hand-operated concentrating, a range.

Taking Sunset Picture
Best Sunset Photo

Of grid overlays, and blown highlights sneak peek that describes problematic locations of a potential snap. The film filters will certainly attract real-world stock followers, subtly changing images in a friendly sensible fashion. Filmborn also enlightens you regarding when’s finest to utilize each one.


Retrospecs is a camera application that wants you to see the globe as if it was being provided by old computing and pc gaming hardware. Lots of a picture or take one using the application, and you can select from a broad array of systems, such as the Game Young Boy, Commodore 64, and the original Mac.

You get animation results as well as video support. So, it doesn’t matter if you thing that your photo should look like an eight-bit video game or wish to have an insane glitch series to your following YouTube video clip, Retrospecs fits the expense perfectly.

Understanding The Net Promoter Shore


How likely are you to recommend our company to other – the original question net promoter score uses to determine the loyalty of its customers. If you are wondering what is net promoter sore, well it a measurement tool companies and businesses use to metric customer loyalty. This software application is a convenient solution for many companies and small business that want to get an insight into their customers’ demands and wishes. In this case, you ask them a straightforward question, and they rate your service and products on sale from 0 to 10.


Depending on the score achieved, there are three categories of people that are distinguished: Promoters that provide 9 or 10 rating, Passives that give 7 or 8 score and Detractors that offer 0 to 6 score. You can directly calculate the net promoter score by using the difference between the percentage of Promoters and Detractors. For example, if you have 25% Promoters, 55% Passives and 20% Detractors, your NPS score will be +5, which is still good. Anything higher than 0 is generally considered as a positive thing.

What is an average score?

In the last couple of years, NPS is used in many large companies as a customer’s feedback tool. It provides your organization an accurate data which is easy to understand and which can help you boost your business. According to many users, the NPS is also an excellent indication of the growth potential and customers’ loyalty to a company or a brand. An average American company has a score less than +10 in the NPS, while the highest performing business has between +50 and +80. The value may depend on services you are providing and location.


Some critics’ remarks

From a scientific perspective, there is some skepticism and people aren’t sure whether they should trust the data NPS provides, stating that the entire model is too simple. They claim that customer loyalty isn’t about the numbers and percentages, but there are a lot of factors involved, such as causes, consequences, and correlations. It is also stated that NPS method can’t precisely measure the customer behavior. At some extent we agree with this, but why not use a software that doesn’t cost you a penny. It still can provide you some information regarding your company and help you boost up your manufacturing process. For example, if results are too bad, then that’s a sign that you need to change something.



While the NPS might not be sufficient as a management tool, it still can provide you some valuable information, and it has a right framework. Its most significant advantage is simplicity which makes it functional for every business owner. Considering that a large number of big companies use this software application on a daily basis, we have to conclude there is something good about it. The NPS should be your starting point, and after the analysis the real work can begin, which is improving your organization and boosting your NPS.


Getting Started With The NPS-Complete Guide


Nowadays, it almost too easy for a customer to drop your service or product and switch to another one. This is one of the reasons why you are required to a have a robust customer success strategy. Part of that strategy should be measuring the loyalty of your customers. Fortunately, you can use any software applications that can help you accomplish such task. In this guide, we will go over everything you need to know about Net Promoter Score and how to start using this software.


What is NPS?

Simply put, the NPS is a measurement tool that calculates the customer’s loyalty to a specific company of a product. It also provides you predictive measurements about client’s demands, request and whether they will recommend your company to others. In the majority of cases, Net Promoter Score system uses a survey where customers provide scores between 0-10. This gives companies feedback about their service and helps their improvement. So, here is how to start.

Create a survey

You don’t need more than two questions because you don’t want to burden your clients. For example, you can start with the question number one by asking: How likely would you recommend our services and products to others? This is an easy question, and they should rate it on a scale of 0 to 10. The second question would be: What is the primary reason for your score? In this case, you are getting their feedback which the most valuable information and can help you improve your services if you get a terrible score.

Sending out the survey


Here you have a variety of options to explore. You can either send it via email or use an in-app chat service. We would recommend you to use email because it’s more personal and you can expect more honest answers. Make sure to customize the questions based on your customers’ profile; we only provided you examples of what you can use.

Using the NPS platform

NPS platform always comes as a more straightforward solution because it doesn’t require a lot of time and you can automate the entire process. You should check out our Trust Fuel, and we guarantee you will be satisfied with the results.


The Trust Fuel – Customer Experience


Our company has developed the best software for customer support and client management. So far, we have had numerous clients and companies requesting our services, and one of them has accepted our invitation to share his experience with our software. Make sure to read his entire review because it will answer some of the pressing questions.


Hello, my name is Joshua, and I would like to talk about Trust Fuel and share my experience with this software.

I am an owner of an online retail shop where I sell products for home improvement and design. Basically, if you are redecorating your house and you need some help, then my store is go-to-place. Until a couple of years, I didn’t have problems selling my product online. I should also mention that I advertise my site on social media, like Facebook and Instagram. But, no matter who hard I invested in my online marketing strategies, my profit was still the same, if not lower. That’s why I decided to ask for expert’s help, and I hired a friend who is into online marketing business. He explained how Google and social media work. Apparently, everything has changed, and they all use specialized algorithms to rate your page.


So, when I sorted my rating, implemented keywords, and SEO, I was still left with a poor conversion rate. I needed something that will make my customers buy my products. After long hours or research, I decided to try Trust Fuel because this software promised some fantastic results. This platform incorporates customer support, client management, NPS and many more. The biggest mistake I made was guessing the clients’ needs, instead of asking them straightaway. The Trust Fuel enabled me this and much more. It provided me an insight into their demands, so I was able to improve my services. To sum everything up, I was once again connected with my clients, and I even got a more significant conversion rate.

The trustfuel is an amazing software for small and big companies, and I would recommend it to anyone. It will help you tremendously and provide you an insight into your client’s demands and requests. It features a user-friendly platform which is easy to navigate, and you don’t have to be an expert to manage it. I believe this platform is the best solution for many companies and it will save you a lot of time and money.


The Easiest Way To Calculate NPS Score


Would you like to discover that customers are thinking about your products and services? Net Promoter Score is one of the ways you can measure their loyalty and provides you accurate data within two minutes. In most cases, the calculation is based on one single question, where you ask your clients to rate your services on scale 0-10. Later it can be followed with another question; here you can ask them to explain their score, which can give you an insight in their thoughts. We are going to tell you how to calculate nps and how to use it.

How to begin with the survey?

You may choose to start with a survey program, which is always recommended option. If you implement a surveying program, it means you are investing a lot of time and recourses before you place one single survey out there. There are two types of surveys: relationships, and transactional ones. For example, relationship surveys look to investigate a customer’s loyalty to company service or product. In this case, you may ask them to consider and rate the overall products and experience with your company.


On the other hand, transactional surveys research the experience a client has in a specific transaction or interaction with your company. In this case, they aren’t designed to measure the loyalty, but the satisfaction. We would recommend you to start with relationship survey and then switch to transactional one because they both are essential for the further development.

How to calculate?

Clients that give you a 6 or below are Detractors, a score of 7 or 8 are called Passives, and a 9 or 10 Promoters. If you want to calculate NPS, you should detract the percentage of Detractors from the rate of Promotes. It is simple, if 50% of respondents were Promoters and 10% were Detractors, in this case, your Net Promoter is 40%. The importance of Net Promoter Score is that gives you insights into your customer’s demands and requests. In this case, you may receive positive or negative feedback. By measuring their loyalty, you can identify their experience weak points that need improving. But, to perform such action, you need to know how NPS works.

How long should the NPS be?


NPS is all about uncovering the customers’ loyalty and what most affects it. But, you need to be very careful when recommending questions. They should be short, but you should also avoid the basic ones, like “how likely are you…”. You need something concrete, to be able to receive high response rate, which will provide you a bigger picture. The higher response rate you have, the better results you will have.

How Can Software Help You Grow Your Business And Career?


Business owners are only concerned about the success of their company. But, to run a successful business, you need to become a part of a digital revolution. In the past, we only had to rely on the workforce, but now, the situation has changed, and with the help of advanced platform we can run entire companies and improve our position. Nowadays, the software applications have impacted the business world tremendously, and the impact has been 100% positive. If you are still questioning this new trend, then here are a couple of reasons why to apply it to your business.


It can help you improve productivity

Whether you are a small business owner or someone who is running a big company, you need to understand that software can help you make your company more productive. These days, you can choose between a variety of software applications designed for various uses. You can utilize them to track the record of customer service and to provide insight into human resource management. Their use is extensive and they can you save a lot of time and still provide more accurate data.

Software application can help you advance in career

Even though many platforms are designed to be user-friendly, there are some that require excessive knowledge and dedication. If you learn how to operate them, then every company will want you as an employee. This will provide you tremendous job opportunities, and you will be able to get a better-paid position. Think about this next time you are asked to learn some new software, eventually, it will pay off, and your career will blossom. For instance, our software, Trust Fuel, has helped many individuals and employees progress in their career and have a better position within their companies.


The software helps you store information

Digital storage has become an essential factor nowadays. It is easier to retrieve data and records from your computer, then to research it through storage boxes. For example, the software can help you store employee attendance; salary records ad customers satisfaction. With just a couple of clicks, you will have all the data in from of you. The best part, no matter where you are, the data is accessible through a cloud storage options.

It will help you avoid mistakes

Since software application keeps all records in one place, it means they are organized and secure. In this way, you can avoid making any mistakes. The fewer mistakes you make, the more customers you will have. They will be satisfied with the products and services you are providing, and you will always have insight into their demands and requests.

Your business will run smoothly

Nowadays, the software has a power replace human workforce, which for some business owners is a tremendous fund saving. But, overall, multitasking becomes much more comfortable with the use of any software, the business progresses, and owners have a chance to save some money. Sharing of information and data becomes more accessible.

The Best Customer Success


So far, our software application has managed to improve many businesses, and many of them have experienced the benefit of our program. We listen to your demands and recommendations, and that’s the only force that keeps us going in improving our services. But, in this case, we want to present you some of the successful examples how we managed to help business owners and boost their companies with the use of our software. If you are still questioning our qualities, then make sure to read these posts, they will clear all your doubts.


Company from Michigan

We won’t be naming the client because we don’t want to jeopardize his personal data. But, the owner contacted us through an email and explained roughly his issues. Our representatives soon set up a meeting with him where he explained in details the problems he was struggling with. Basically, he has an online business but can reach a conversion rate. His traffic is excellent, but when it comes to the final step, potential clients give up and leave his website. After detailed analysis, we come up with a solution; our representatives suggested him to install our software and start tracking the number of visits. Also, we advised him to try NPS, net promoter score, to get an insight into his clients’ demands. Within two months he was able to transform his company with our software. The conversion rate grew, and he is now running a successful online retail business.

Company from Virginia


In this case, we tested our software customer support features. The company was dealing with a bad customer support system, which should be one of the essentials parts of one company. If you have satisfied clients, then your business will blossom. But, that wasn’t the case. We immediately implemented our software application, which tracks every customer in real time and delivers accurate data. So, at any moment the company had a clear picture and could act right away. This is a huge advantage of our software, and it took them only a couple of weeks to sort their condition.

Customer Success Industry Report For 2016


To date, Trust Fuel is the most comprehensive platform developed for customer support and client management. Based on our financial statement for 2016, our company has scored tremendous growth because the clients have recognized our quality and decided to utilize our software in their businesses. In the beginning, we were focused on startup businesses and small companies, but as the demand for Trust Fuel grew, our developers decided to make something that will have broader use. Now, we offer unique solutions that will help you improve your business and attract more clients.


Firstly, we focus on customer support because that’s the most crucial part of one company. If you have loyal clients, who trust your services, then your job is to keep them satisfied. In many companies, this system fails because customers support isn’t developed enough. It is essential to have a friendly relationship with your clients and to follow their demands, and our software can help you in that. So far, we helped many successful companies who lacked in this area. That lack of communication with clients resulted in profit decrease. But, Trust Fuel assisted them to regain the connection with their customers and keep their database in order. With our software, you can monitor your clients’ suggestion, demands, and companies. This will provide you insight and help you improve your business.


Secondly, without proper client management, you can’t expect to run a successful company. At any moment, you are required to have clients’ data and their previous orders and requests. In the past, companies relied on workers and their skills, but now you have a software that will perform an even better action. With Trust Fuel, you will get 5GB of storage, sales automation, sales funnels and reporting, invoicing, sales team management, time tracking and telephoning feature. Once you install our software, you will be equipped with in details analysis, which will improve your business and profit. Many companies and small businesses have recognized our value and purchased the Trust Fuel software, and we have happy to have been able to contribute to their growth and success.

Choosing The Best Promoter Net Software


If you have decided to utilize an NPS program to increase your customer loyalty and so far, encountered a lot of software service provides, and still don’t know which one to choose, don’t worry, we are going to help you find the best one. All of them will allow you to ask a straightforward question, “why you are the best solution for me,” but here all similarities end. One of the first things you should do is to ask around about the NPS software other companies are using. If this doesn’t help you, then we have a couple of suggestions for you.


Determine your goals

It is essential to establish the goals you want to reach through the use of NPS software. For example, are you looking to move your company towards customer-centric culture, or you want to boost your retention rates, of you just want to increase the growth? Perhaps you have used the NPS platform before, and now you need something that is faster, better and stronger. We all want better efficiency, a platform that is user-friendly and one that offers a modern approach. Whatever your goals might be, you should keep them in your mind when you are looking for an NPS software. So here are some platforms you can test.

Ask Nicely

This software collects and acts on real-time customer feedback, which can be very beneficial for startup companies. You need an immediate response, and all data is received on a daily basis. It will integrate your CRM and trigger feedback requests after specific events or time frames. This platform also connects your entire company and provides real-time insight to everyone, from the front line to the CEO. With the collected data, your team will be able to take immediate action. Based on referrals and reviews you will be able to improve the business of your company.

Trust Fuel


This is the software our company developed, and we offer you a variety of possibilities. For instance, you will have an opportunity to deliver surveys to customers using email, SMS, or survey visitors directly on your website. The clients will be asked a straightforward question, which will be easy to understand. Feedback always arrives in a real-time, which is essential for any company. Our platform also offers you a multi survey mode, where you can use email, web, and SMS.