So far, our software application has managed to improve many businesses, and many of them have experienced the benefit of our program. We listen to your demands and recommendations, and that’s the only force that keeps us going in improving our services. But, in this case, we want to present you some of the successful examples how we managed to help business owners and boost their companies with the use of our software. If you are still questioning our qualities, then make sure to read these posts, they will clear all your doubts.

Company from Michigan

We won’t be naming the client because we don’t want to jeopardize his personal data. But, the owner contacted us through an email and explained roughly his issues. Our representatives soon set up a meeting with him where he explained in details the problems he was struggling with. Basically, he has an online business but can reach a conversion rate. His traffic is excellent, but when it comes to the final step, potential clients give up and leave his website. After detailed analysis, we come up with a solution; our representatives suggested him to install our software and start tracking the number of visits. Also, we advised him to try NPS, net promoter score, to get an insight into his clients’ demands. Within two months he was able to transform his company with our software. The conversion rate grew, and he is now running a successful online retail business.

Company from Virginia

In this case, we tested our software customer support features. The company was dealing with a bad customer support system, which should be one of the essentials parts of one company. If you have satisfied clients, then your business will blossom. But, that wasn’t the case. We immediately implemented our software application, which tracks every customer in real time and delivers accurate data. So, at any moment the company had a clear picture and could act right away. This is a huge advantage of our software, and it took them only a couple of weeks to sort their condition.


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